Top Enrichment Classes For Kiasu Singaporean Parents

There are parents in Singapore who don’t mind taxing their kids from the moment they begin to walk. These parents take their kids for tuition when they are as young as three years old. It’s never too early to starting teaching kids when you want them to become world-class players in whatever field. These are the top enrichment classes for toddlers Singapore that Kiasu parents like.

  1. BabyGenius. This class enrolls kid from as young as 6 to 36 months. It involves training them in speech development, numeracy, recognizing colors. It also has a component involving studying shapes and events, as well as sensory awareness and rhythm. The irony is that most of these skills can be picked up by kids when spending quality time with their parents!
  2. Swimming. The sight of lots of babies floating around in inflatable pools is not a very rare occurrence in Singapore. Since these kids aren’t dexterous and adept at swimming yet, these sessions are more like water play than real swimming lessons. Most kids are naturally thrilled by the sensation of being in the water. Some pools start these lessons when they are as young as six months. Swimming is such an essential survival skill which most of the kids grow up enjoying.

III. Gym. Kiasu parents sign up their kids to experience the basics of gymnastics. Most of these children end up graduating to the actual gymnastics classes. These classes build the psychomotor skills and the fine motor skills and habits into the child. It gives them a lifelong passion for staying fit. Some even go on and practice gymnastics professionally, including participating international competition.

  1. Music. Lots of Singaporean parents are known to force their kids to take up an instrument and practice it to perfection. That’s why lots of music enrichment classes are so popular. Thousands of parents flood their doors seeking opportunities for their child. The kids are taken through the basics, including mastering the voice, exploring the music, instruments and playing the sounds. Every year lots of these kids go on to pursue music as a profession.
  2. Chinese. Bilingual learning is such a big deal in Singapore. While most homes are English speaking, they always make sure that their kids are signed up for Mandarin so that the kids don’t lose their linguistic culture. There are lots of non-Singaporeans parents show simply want their children to be bilingual. This is often hinged on the idea that China is the region of the future. That’s why its language has to be fluently studied. The language usually ends up being a source of pride rather than a functional skill.