Make your Child a Math Genius

The volumes of homework and studies that kids have on their plate can be quite disheartening and is not a joke. When you think about it, since technology and science have made its mark, it has become an imperative to ensure that children do not only know the smattering of mathematics but also excel at it. The issue is that not every child has the natural bent for numbers. That is where abacus for kids works wonders in his learning curve.

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The struggle to learn and memorize concepts and tables is not an easy learn in fact, it can be a tad difficult. To improve the skill set and make your child a math genius requires that he understands the difference between visual stimulus and the work content that the graphic or visual aid involves. The oldest calculation tool that has been around for decades that uses columns of beads helps the child add, subtract, multiply and divide. Once he is able to get past this stage, the next, will be relatively easier on him.

The Abacus instrument was invented centuries ago in order to facilitate learning of mental math strategies . The system has spread across the world and has been quite robust in the learning curve. Through this method, children learn to ace the skill of mental arithmetic through visual imagery. This enables the child to calculate mentally without the necessity of electronic gadgets.

From a simplistic point of view, here are five ways to ensure that your child uses abaci to get him to the level of a mathematical genius.

Imagery – Visual imagery works as a stimulus as the necessity of words takes a back seat. This makes a huge amount of sense to children. This methodology can also be used for other subjects as well.

Concentration – The Abacus program ensures that kids keep their eye on the ball. This level of concentration is possible only when there is something interesting for the child to keep him engaged.

Logic and reasoning – The positive effects of abacus learning is that children understand not only the rudiments of fractions, integers, and decimals but also reason with logic during the course.

Inculcating photographic memory- Rote Learning is not encouraged nor required for the abacus child. The ability to remember and analyze the problem helps the child catapult in his studies, across subjects.

Recognition and recall – The capacity to recall anything that the child has learned is an easy feat with abaci. The right set of tools through this method of teaching helps the child in his later years as well.

There is much to be said and learned about this ancient methodology. Visit the website for detailed information.

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