Is IP science burdening you?

There’s no “safety net” for IP students. By chance you don’t perform well in your A levels, you don’t have the O levels to fall back on; only PSLE. Therefore, doing well is a must if you want to get into a good university. In addition to your intellectual capability, you also need to have self discipline and good time management skills to do well in IP. And even if you lack in one of the two qualities-discipline and time management, you will not be able to cope with the rest of the class.

All this can easily overwhelm anyone and just the thought of the pressure can make you underperform. If you feel burdened especially in tough subjects like science, there’s a way to deal with it. Look or ask your parents to look for a good centre for
IP science tuition.

How it helps:

  • Teaches you to find self discipline. The IP approach is actually you-find-your-way through the subject, encouraging you to be self-disciplined. This approach can easily lead your thoughts to scatter. Good tuition centres will have a structure in their approach to the topics and will help you to organise your thoughts better and apply it to the subject.
  • Teaches you to love the subject. Automatically if you stop feeling the pressure, you’d actually be able to concentrate on the subject and the fear that you felt earlier will reduce significantly.
  • It nurtures your intellectual capabilities. All teachers in good IP science tuition centres teach with the IP principles in mind. That means they encourage you to think for yourselves and help you to find a fresh perspective on the topic through their interactive teaching methods.
  • Helps you to maintain balance. The moment there’s a structure in your learning, you will be able to manage time better and be able to find quality time not only for your academics and extracurricular activities but your social life as well.
  • Helps to answer your questions. Sometimes you need to pick someone else’s brain to find the answers. Science is a complex subject and requires you to completely understand all concepts to be able to apply them correctly and ace the subject. In your classroom, you may not be able to do that with your professor because of time crunch or because the question didn’t occur to you then. You can get it clarified at your tuition centre.

Science tuition for IP is a great option especially if you feel burdened. You should take steps to prevent the pressure as early as possible to perform better in class.