Enrichment Classes – Should You Enroll Your Kid?

When you ask most Singaporean parents whether their kids attend any enrichment activity classes, most of them will say, “Yes, of course.” Despite this being the reality in Singapore, you need to be aware that you may or may not be doing the best thing for your kid. Enrolling him in enrichment activities either too early or too many hours a week may do more harm than good.

According to child psychologists, the most important thing is to keep things balanced. According to Dr. Harriet Tenebaum, a child psychologist, “research suggests extra-curricular activities are related to improvements in children’s confidence and academic achievement. However, it is important not to over-schedule children because they need time to play and be spontaneous too. Spontaneous play helps children learn how to self-regulate their emotions and wishes, increase their imagination, contribute to their cognitive development, and help them learn how to act in different situations with a variety of different people.”

Most kids around the world simply take that enrichment classes time to stay on the couch watching TV or eating a snack, for example. This isn’t healthy either, so balance is definitely key.

So, what should you do? How can you keep the balance? Should your child be enrolled in a Children enrichment class Singapore ?

#1: Watch Out For Over-Scheduling:

Children need time to learn and time to play. They’re both essential components for a healthy human being. When you’re considering extra-curricular activities, make sure that you are aware that your kids are already spending between 20 to 25 hours at school per week. And these activities will add to that. It’s all a matter of balance.

#2: Don’t Feel Pressured:

If some parents don’t have any doubts regarding enrichment classes and at what ages their kids are going to start, the fact is that there are also other Singaporean parents who just break to the pressure. If everyone else is doing it, then they should do it too.

Despite thinking this way, you need to put your child first. If your kid arrives home tired from school and he just wants to play with his favorite toy, there’s no need to take the smile off his face just because this is what he prefers. He has a lot of time to catch up and learn about different topics – singing, dancing, another language, or whatever activity you choose for him. Ultimately, you just want to make sure that he’s happy.

#3: Be Firm:

Listening to your kids and knowing the activities they prefer is always good. You can even let them decide on which ones they want to attend and the ones they don’t. Just make sure that as soon as they have decided, they stick with their decision for the duration of the class.

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