How to select the best IP science tuition centre

If your child has been selected into the Integrated Program, it is both a moment of joy and pride for you. However, as a parent you must keep in mind that the stress of performing well gets to even the best students and if you see any tell-tale signs, do enrol him/her for ip science tuition . Contrary to popular belief, good tuition centres relieve the stress your child feels.

While looking for a good tuition centre, do keep these points in mind:

1.Size of the class

No matter how famous the centre is, selecting one which has more than 15 students in a class should be immediately crossed from your list. The smaller the class size, the better it is for your child.

2.Individual attention

Size of the class plays a big role in receiving individual attention. A smaller class would obviously mean a higher chance for your child to clear all doubts, to ask questions and have them answered. It also depends a lot on the teacher and whether paying individual attention matters to them. How much importance they are able give to your child’s queries is a point to note.

3.The environment

A child should not feel additionally stressed out at the centre as that would be counterproductive. So see the layout of the centre. Is it airy, spacious, warm, looks like a happy, comfortable place to be in? We don’t pay much importance to this but a crammed, not properly lit place can have an adverse effect on the child.

4.The staff

Who are the teachers on board? Their qualifications, their testimonials from other students will give you an idea of the kind of teachers they are. Are they friendly? Are they strict? Are they patient? These questions can be answered by other parents whose children are already taking tuition at the centre so make sure you meet them, interact with them to get an idea. While there are timelines and deadlines and a certain discipline that is required, a very strict teacher may not be a good option for an already stressed child.

5.Teaching method

Do they use interesting, innovative, interactive methods of teaching? The IP science curriculum encourages children to think out of the box and the tuition centre should also have a similar approach to teaching.

Children can only thrive and perform well if the environment is relatively stress-free and they are encouraged to apply what they are learning and to think differently. A good centre can bring the best out of a child provided all these 5 points are there in place.

Basic Economic Principles Every School-Going Kid Should Know

Research has shown that if children are taught economics at a young age, they will be able to make smart decisions in future. Parents can make teach their children in different ways such as giving them monetary tasks, playing money-centric board games, giving weekly allowances with monthly targets and having conversations about the economy in a simple manner. Some parents even sign up their children in economics tuition , where they will be able to learn the basics effectively.

Here are few basic economic principles every school going child must know to have a brighter future.

There is no such thing as free lunch

How your family spends their income is the best way to explain this concept. People choose because there is a scarcity of the material. For example, if the family’s income is $1000 and the expenses for the month are $1200, then the family has to make choices about how to spend their money wisely. They can choose to cut down on food, weekly allowances, family outings – all these are choices made to bridge the gap and meet the necessary expenses.

No gain without pain

Your child has to understand that the cost of his education means cancelling a vacation or emptying your savings. This is the concept of cost and benefits in which you need to give up something for what you want to achieve or get. In other words, the all or any choice has the cost of opportunity. If you child understands this he or she will able to understand the impact of studying long hours by cutting down on playing on his or her future.

Supply and demand chain

If there is more supply then the cost of it comes down and when there a demand, then the cost comes up. For example, if you cook one batch of cookies, then everybody in the family will be fighting to finish it off. However, if there three batches of cookies, then since the supply is more, there is no demand. You need to teach them concepts that are simple to understand and are part of everyday life.

The concept of incentives

Incentives are great motivators, especially for children. If you promise your child to buy him or her a cycle for getting good grades, you are motivating him to work hard to achieve the goal and get his or her incentive. Your child is basing his goals based on the incentives offered to him.

Find Out The Best Playground For Your Kid

Fun is very important for a child. On this phase, you should guarantee that you are giving them enough of it. Of course, this does not mean that you should focus on this as much as you can. What we mean about this is to give them the opportunity to learn while they are having fun.

You might think that this is not possible because there is a chance that they will lose their focus in the process. Well, if that is what you are thinking, then maybe you should understand how a Singapore playgroup works. They are the ones that are totally capable of balancing this out without messing everything while they are working on the process.

As a parent, you need to identify the needs of your child. Look at what are the things that they wish to do and ask them questions to dig in deeper with it. Doing that is quite hard if you are a new parent, but it is not that hard that you will just give up for it. Be patient with them because this stage surely defines their future.

The internet is pretty much your only chance of learning how the mind of a child works, especially to the things that they wish to do. Since the internet is quite general in providing the information due to their general expected audience, do not rely mostly on the information that you can acquire from there. If you have some other means to acquire it, try that out too.

We observe a lot of things every day and since you are a parent, you are surely capable of doing this. Look at what are the things that they do every time and take note of it. This is not hard to work on, but patience would surely be vital.

If you opt out for a center to ensure that your child get the progress that they need, it is best that you evaluate the results before your child enrolled into that institution and the things that they have acquired right after it. The evaluation phase is critical because this ensures that you are not wasting your hard earned money to something that is not helping your child in any way.

Diversity is there for most individuals and we are not an exemption for it. Since your child is also a human being, providing them with some other options to help them learn is your job. Be flexible with this and if you need to explain that to them, then go ahead and do so.

Searching for an institution is so difficult and it requires focus. Of course, these steps does not guarantee anything, but having a guide to assist you is way better than not getting anything to start with.