4 ways of creating an impression on your Science teachers


Integrated Program is a scheme in which every child wants to be a part of. Only the top performers are selected into this scheme and those selected can bypass the ‘O’ levels and go straight for the ‘A’ levels in Junior College. However, the program isn’t easy and many students fail to shine.

Your IP professors are the best of the lot and they are the best people to guide you towards your future. It is therefore important that they notice you. However, in a class already full of brilliant students, how do you stand out? Keep these simple points in mind and see how you get noticed!

How to create an impression:

  1. Be on time

The first thing a teacher notices is if you are present in the class on time. Arriving late is disrespectful to the teacher as well as the subject. If you are consistently early or on time, you’ve already created a good impression on the teacher.

  1. Pay attention

It sounds like an obvious point but it is often not given its due. Professors notice whether you are paying attention or not. Making eye contact, taking notes, always makes any professor feel that you genuinely love the subject. In class if he mentions his preferences, follow them even if they aren’t mandatory. If he sees the details in the assignments and tests, he will be pleased and know that you pay attention.

  1. Ask questions

This always makes you stand out; especially if you raise relevant points. However, don’t ask questions for the sake of it as that can be counterproductive.  If you have been taking IP science tuition in Singapore from a good centre, many of your questions would already be answered. However, they do help you to get an in depth understanding of and therefore a fresh perspective, which can always lead to an intelligent discussion in class.

  1. Take initiative

Offer to help/volunteer for any science related project that isn’t an assignment. Your professor sees your enthusiasm for science even outside regular class work and anyone excited about his subject is bound to be in good books!

Professors remember outstanding students even after they graduate. It’s not just academic performance but being enthusiastic and loving the subject is what catches their attention. If you’re having trouble with science, even though you love the subject don’t hesitate to enrol into a centre that offers IP science tuition Singapore and be that student that catches the professor’s eye!