Why Should Schools Consider Franchise?

An offer that is too good to resist (The Corleone way) is a school franchise. Educational or school franchise involves purchasing or selling a known brand to other franchisees. All the investment is incurred by the franchise.

Benefits of School Franchise

Education Franchise in Singapore is a business opportunity that demands attention. There are many benefits of a preschool franchise, which are:

* Investment returns: There is a high rate of promised success that is generally not guaranteed with other business ventures.

* Initial investment: The initial capital investment is quite low as compared to the high seed investment demands of other industries. Investment rates are low for a school franchise in terms of high returns and advertising money saved.

* Running the show: When franchise is bought, knowledge on setting up and running the same is handed down by the parent company. There is no ambiguity on curriculum, teacher specifications and infrastructure.

* Success rate: The rate of success of pre-schools is high. The franchise bought carries an established brand name. Therefore the need to establish and promote a new idea is erased. It is easy to carry forward a legacy as compared to starting one off. The name is already known in the market and there is no apprehension on enrolling a child into the school. Parents willingly choose a known brand over a new-comer. Also, when you start a franchise there is no added pressure to attract customers. The rate of success of opening a well-known franchise is 70%.

* Support System: Through the term of the franchise, there is support which is readily provided by the parent company. There are hired consultants and franchise representatives who are ready to help and sort out any management issues, should it crop up.

* Marketing strategy: Franchises also provide attractive marketing benefits through the campaigns offered by the parent company. A team of marketing experts train and help understanding the working of a pre-school. The management of the business is simplified by their expert tips and suggestions.

* Customer base: Customer targeting becomes fairly simple. As mentioned earlier, the franchise brand is already well-established. A franchisee will not have to test the waters before launching the pre-school.

* Monetary Assistance: It is very easy to get a loan approved to start a franchise. Financial aid is abundant and the chances of a loan getting rejected are very low. There are many franchisors who directly finance the franchisee.

Child education in Singapore

We wake up every morning and find ourselves metamorphosed into a rat, because we are all running a rat race. We are all running towards success. We live in a competitive world where success and money define everything. Thus it is important to be successful in life. To be successful, it is mandatory for all to have a good education. The importance of higher education has been increasing with each passing day. This is solely because the demand of the employer for a more skilled and capable employee is increasing. Along with this the employee’s demand for a better pay and more facilities is also on a rise. Thus in order to meet the needs of everyone, education is important as without education it is not possible to get a good position in a good job. Proper education paves the way for a better and brighter future.

Education makes us strong socially, mentally, psychologically and intellectually, by enhancing our knowledge base and technical skills. It also adds to our financial strength by ensuring that we get a good job. Every child grows an ambition within him or her, to be successful in the profession they take up. To fulfill this ambition, education is needed. Education is like the tool to a brighter future, especially in progressed countries.

Child education in Singapore:

Education begins from home. From a very young age, parents start imparting knowledge and moral values to their children. Child education in Singapore is very important. It is mainly taken care of by the Ministry of Education that controls the administration in schools. According to the regulations laid down by the Ministry, children aged from three to six are to receive preschool education also known as nursery or kindergarten.

These nurseries in Singapore help the children to learn how to interact with each other and also with the teachers. They prepare the children for the primary school which begins at the age of seven. Thus this best nursery in Singapore help the children in preparing themselves for the next stage.

Parents seek the best nursery in Singapore as it is the first place that the child enters leaving home. The experience that the child has in the nursery will greatly influence the child’s perception about school, which in turn will influence his or her behavior in school. Thus to send the child in a good nursery is very important.

The Common Misconceptions Parents Have about Kindergarten

Irrespective of whether or not your child attended a playgroup or preschool, kindergarten is going to be the actual first year at grade school. After a thorough research, you might have got your little one enrolled in the best kindergarten. Singapore, Australia or any other country for that matter still has some common fallacies and parents also get to easily believe them. To help parents understand the facts, we’ve shed light on some of the common misconceptions that parents have about kindergarten.

Misconception 1: All kindergarten children should know their ABCs

This is a very common myth that people generally have. It’s true that alphabet song is what most parents first teach their kids. The common belief is that the main factor that early literacy is based on is to know that C comes before E or that L follows K. However, it’s not so. If your kindergartner is confused about the alphabets’ order or not interested in learning the alphabets, that doesn’t mean he will find it difficult in kindergarten.

The fact is that memorizing the alphabets is merely an act of memorization and not real comprehension. In fact, to better prepare your little one for kindergarten, opt for activities that focus on recognition. Learning to find an alphabet by its shape and sound (for instance, with audio recordings and flashcards) will help well.

Misconception 2: Kindergartners will learn everything that they need to know at the kindergarten

Well, here’s another very common myth among parents. They believe that everything that the child has to know will be taught at the kindergarten. Yes, children do learn almost everything at school, but still there are some things that need to be learnt at home. Not all the learning happens at school for the child. Parents should have an equally good level of responsibility and involvement.

Misconception 3: Students who go to kindergarten only play

It’s a common myth among parents that children who go to kindergarten only play, but it’s not so. The atmosphere in such schools is playfully decorated, but in reality the kids here get to learn things the fun way. Play is equally important for their critical development as it encourages experimentation and curiosity, while allowing them to explore the world around them.

Now that you know what the facts are as against the misconceptions get your child enrolled in the best kindergarten. Singapore, Japan or any other country has well-equipped, reputed kindergartens.

A Bilingual School That Offers Holistic Development

Researchers have proven that bilingual children are more prone to be creative. Pushing bilingual learning in preschools is taking education to the right direction from all accounts. This makes the concept of learning something new a rather interesting option for a child.

A playgroup in Singapore offers learning in Mandarin and English. The moment a child hears something different, s/he automatically responds positively. The phonetic pronunciation makes it easier at an early age because the mind of the child is open and interested in learning something new every day.

Aside from the fact that language is an option, a playschool that has teachers who know both different languages makes it easier to get a point across. A child who hears a new word every day will automatically repeat it. An example, if you speak in a language that s/he has not heard of but say a word often, even a foul word, the child will pick that up.

A casual learning scenario is the ideal way for a child to learn something new. Holistic development encompasses the fun math concept at the playgroup. Kids learn the basics like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing using fun teaching tools.

The Discovery theme composite takes into account a variety of subjects in general. They cover social studies, science, technology, life, physical and earth sciences, arts, music and other creative avenues. The inquisitiveness of a child especially in the formative years is answered with proper teaching methods.

You may wonder whether this is the ideal approach to educate a child at the playgroup in Singapore, since this is a time for her or him to enjoy life not be fed with homework. In the olden days, there was a different temperament in the tone of education. Today, children are fed with information from smart phones, television, books and in real life, hence the necessity.

With vast amounts of information available to a child, the new tools and techniques are paving the way for the present and future generation of kids. When there are reasonable expectations laid out by parents and educators, kids automatically respond favorably.

The mind of a child is not like that of an adult. A child has no problem asking questions. It can get tricky and tiring at times answering all the questions, they throw at you. But, they have to be addressed otherwise, the child is bound to come back with more.

The Best Activities For Toddlers

As a parent, it is your responsibility to hone the skills of your child even at such a young age. This would prepare them for the actual curriculum and can give them the necessary edge among their classmates. So, take the time to consider the factors below and put your money into good use.

The first thing that these programs need to have would be the holistic approach. Activities for toddlers should be made mostly of games that are educational at the same time. This would allow them to apply their skills naturally and make them strive for excellence. Expert educators would know how to achieve the perfect balance between play and arithmetic concepts.

Music is to be expected too. Students need to be exposed to different mediums for the teachers to assess on whether they are visual or auditory learnings. This would help in putting variety in the lessons and getting them out of their short attention span. What is important is they learn to develop that passion for learning new things.

Puppet making can be recommended as well. Students are very much encouraged to let their creative juices flow. There would be no rules with the creation of the puppets. However, the little ones would have to recognize the likeness of a human being for them to become effective with the next task of roleplaying.

If some of them seem to like painting, that is another thing which the teacher can explore. It is very important to keep these kids interested with their daily routine. As they grow old, the games would become fewer and it would not be that hard for them to adjust since they have already been taught with the sense of responsibility.

Story time can also be a possibility. Imagination needs to be enhanced in the little ones since that would help them excel in their art activities. Just make sure that the stories have been well considered and age appropriate.

For daily physical activities, a few stretches that come with a song would be nice. This would make them feel proud that they have accomplished something in class. It would drive them to participate more.

What is truly important is for activities to be fun yet stimulating at the same time. Prepare your kids for the real world. That is one of the greatest gifts and lifetime treasures which you can give as a parent in this modern environment.

Tips for learning Spanish

Spanish can be a very handy language to learn as it is spoken in many Latin American countries as well as in Europe. Spanish can be very helpful for your career prospects as it opens up opportunities in different countries unlike certain other languages which are country specific. Compared to other languages Spanish can be easier to learn as it uses the English alphabets and has a close relation to English. You can learn Spanish in Singapore to improve upon your language skills and improve your repertoire In this article we shall look at some tips to learn Spanish.

Patience and dedication

These are two important virtues you need in order to learn any language in the world. Spanish is a commonly spoken language around the world, with such a global outreach it can help you travel to exotic destination and even have career opportunities at places like that. These factors can motivate you to learn the language. Patience is important because learning a foreign language is never easy and it takes a lot of time and effort. Dedicate your time and effort if you are serious about learning the language, otherwise it isn’t worth trying.

Learn abroad

This is another tip by experts as exposure to the language and regular usage of the learned language in real life can be very effective and lets you grasp the language faster. Not everyone can go abroad to learn a foreign language, but according to the experts it’s one of the best ways learn a language fast and easy. It can be even easier for an English speaker as 60% of English comes from Latin.

Learn from mistakes

This is also an important step in learning the language, you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes can teach you a lot and it stays in your head so that you won’t repeat the mistake again. Being afraid of making mistakes and hence holding yourself back is definitely not going to do you any good. So make mistakes and learn from them and do not hold back on an opportunity to use the language.

Using flash cards

According to students and teachers using flashcards are a great a way to memorize words and improve the vocabulary. This technique can be used to memorize phrases and words that you have a hard time recollecting.

Want To Learn English In Singapore?

English is the language that is considered the most frequently used language and the widely spoken language in regards to working. It is the 3rd largest speaking language in terms of native speakers as per the records in the year 2010 after Mandarin and Spanish. About 359 million people spoke and are speaking English as first language. It is considered to be the first language in the world that is embraced as the common language to communicate even from the speakers who are non-native.

For someone who is looking out for career aspirations in various departments like medicine, administration, media, government and even computing, it is a must that proficiency in the English language is highly required. The reason is that English is expansively used for all the mentioned fields. It is not that where one has come from across the globe, but in the scenario of today English seems to be an important medium of communication. The language is ruling the world in every field and industry and it is high time for people who need to learn.

From the past 30 years there is an exponential growth of the language in terms of computing and education. So, chances are that the language skills need to be improved to meet the global requirements and social settings. If someone is moving to Singapore from any other nation, English is a part of those 4 languages considered official. But, what if someone travelled to Singapore already in a short notice and don’t know other official languages including English? Let us say that person is a dependant and needs to do no work! But still when entering into the streets that person is expected to communicate at least in English.

There is absolutely no worry! That dependant can enjoy the stay at Singapore, as he/she can learn English from an English course in Singapore , here at Berlitz! Yes, amongst the widest range of languages offered to learn, English is one among them and most sorted after too! With the successful Berlitz method, the communication in the targeted language is made used exclusively right from the beginning of every session so that one can have the grip of learning this language. Also, in the country with the habitants 1 in 5 is the one who actually moved from a different place, uses English frequently in all industries.

The language training is also so similar to that of facing society as the students are presented to the real time situations and were asked by the native speaking instructors to communicate in the targeted language with all the guidance in respect to vocabulary and grammar at every sight through tips and pointers. So, it creates a thirst for the student to learn the language quickly as it is all fun filled, flexible and easy. The course can be efficiently learned either in a private session or grouped with other similar interested candidates. Every content, theme and skills are tailored as per student need. So, what to wait for learning English course in Singapore is now easy!

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